A holiday show for pets and their families

Santa  will be  taking a break to share the weekend with the CPE pets and their families. Holiday shopping kicks into high gear with the 170 plus vendors sharing their seasonal specials, exclusive products and enjoying the festive season.

With WoofJocks Holiday show and K9 Central’s agility squad there is loads for the whole family to enjoy all weekend!

Happy Holidays

Our Next Show is November 18th & 19th 2017

At the International Centre in Mississauga. 6900 Airport Road

Doors are open from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Saturday and Sunday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm 

 The Canadian Pet Expo would like to wish all the families and their pets a Best Wishes forthe holidays and a Happy New Year. It’s been a wonderful year sharing the message of responsible pet ownership through the Spring CPE, CPE Classic, Fall CPE and CRBE. 

The enjoyment of seeing pets with their families socializing so well in the crowds and interacting with the many CPE partners brings a smile to all.

We look forward to sharing the exciting new events and growing traditional Canadian Pet Expos for 2018 with everyone soon. In the meantime we hope to see you at the Toronto Christmas Pet Show.

– Grant and Yvonne Crossman and the CPE Team

Canadian Pet Expo


Watch for our updating of this events list of CPE pet celebrities and guests for the upcoming Canadian Pet Expo!

Mr. Marcel

Mr. Marcel

Gentleman & Bowtie Connoisseur

Mr.Marcel is a fancy French Bulldog from Canada. He is widely known for his gentleman personality and dapper looks. He models for many companies and has walked the runway in New York.

Jaxson The Golden

Jaxson The Golden

CPE's Golden Boy

Young and full of life, Jaxson is learning to be a show dog and a performance dog. He is halfway to his Canadian championship title and already earned his CGN. He loves playing in the snow, enjoys agility, and loves a good belly rub! Jaxson's favourite treats are baby carrots and broccoli.

Iggy Joey

Iggy Joey

Fashion Icon | Lifestyle Enthusiast

Iggy Joey is a female Italian Greyhound living in Toronto, Ontario. Iggy Joey has been called the "Most Fashionable Dog in the World" by CHEEZburger and the "Best Dressed Dog in Canada" by Buzzfeed. Iggy - is the abbreviation of Italian Greyhound and Joey is because of her resemblance to a baby kangaroo.

Dozer the Pig

Dozer the Pig

Agility Pig

Dozer the pig delights everyone he meets. A 2-year-old mini pig, Dozer attends many charity events and loves getting involved in the community. His favourite pastimes include skateboarding, agility, scent-detecting, and carting. Follow all his adventures on Instagram at @dozerthepig

3 Furry Beauties

3 Furry Beauties

Fashionistas Sage, Foxy and Mitzy

3 Furry Beauties are exactly as their name suggests, furry and beautiful! Sage is the calm content one who loves people and always has a toy in her mouth. Foxy is the lazy and shy one who usually stays in the back. Mitzy is the alpha, has lots of energy and always wants to play 24/7. Together they make the perfect set to fill every aspect of cuteness.
Moose the Pug

Moose the Pug

Toronto's most popular pug

Moose the Pug is Toronto's most popular pug! He is almost 2 years old and enjoys peanut butter, posing in front of graffiti walls, hanging out with friends, playing outside, and agility classes. Moosie goes almost everywhere with his hoomans; it's fun to explore new places! Earlier this year BlogTO listed Moose as one of 15 top Toronto dogs to follow on Instagram, and most recently Moose was invited by Nordstrom to attend their Toronto opening gala.

Pom Pom Chewy

Pom Pom Chewy


Pom Pom Chewy is a Foxeranian. A Foxeranian you ask? Well its been said that Pom Pom Chewy's father was a Pomeranian and his mother was a fox. They lived together for a while but had to send Chewy into the human world. Since then Chewy has travelled the country making appearances, become a fashion model and film and commercial star.


My little Pony?

Always a crowd favourite! Is it a dog, a horse...or my little pony! Nugget loves to socialize with attendees and other dogs at the Canadian Pet Expo! Have your picture taken with Canada's coolest horse...er...dog.
Kimchi The Corgi

Kimchi The Corgi

The Beyonce of Corgis

Kimchi is a fluffy Corgi! She brings joy to 80,000+ fans each day and loves to make people smile. Kimchi is a loveable goofball who enjoys posing for the camera and being by her human's side.


Winner of the 2016 CPE Classic

Chumlee is a 2 year old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, bred owned and loved by Roaneden Registered Kennels. His Canadian Kennel Club Registered name is "BIS GCHEx Roaneden's Pond Star WC JH". He is from a long line of Best in Show winning Tollers. Chumlee is a fun loving guy. When he is not actively showing at the dog shows, he enjoys playing at the beach, hanging out with his family and running in the field.
Petee The Husky

Petee The Husky

Fun is Petees first priority

Petee, named after Petey from The Little Rascals because of his distinctive eye patch is a Siberian Husky who loves life! At 8 weeks old Petee began training, agility and any sport activity he could get his paws on. It was around 10 weeks when Petee discovered his love for attention and giving all his attention to the camera. During the winter Petee is a lead sled dog with his growing team of 3 other huskies, he's currently training to eventually join the dog sled races!.
Spartacus the Turtle

Spartacus the Turtle

Slow and Steady

Spartacus is an 18 year old female red eared slider. Coming in at 13 inches long and 7 pounds, she's double the size of an average member of her species making her a prime example of what you need to prepare for when you buy the toonie sized babies. She loves to bask and receiving a good shell scratch. Her secret pleasure? Soft cat beds! Turtles like comfort too.
Sheldon and Spencer

Sheldon and Spencer

When pairs are better

Sheldon and Spencer are a couple of hairless guinea pigs (a.k.a. skinny pigs) who know how to strike a pose! When they aren't creating a clever calendar of events via  Instagram pictures, they therapy pigs! Offering stress relief to students, seniors and disabled people. Their favourite food is Watermelon!

Ziggy the Cat

Ziggy the Cat

The cat that doesn't know it! Ziggy was rescued off the streets sick and hungry. Now he brings joy to everyone he meets as a therapy cat. He hasn't let being deaf stop him from exploring the world and going on adventures!



CKC Marketing and Communications Manager

Iggy, a two-year-old Labrador-Bernese Mountain Dog mix, will be Toronto courts' first facility dog to comfort traumatized young children through their court appearances.  Iggy, trained by National Service Dogs, is the first dog approved to support children in Toronto courts. He’ll work with the Boost Child and Youth Advocacy Centre to guide victims through the court process’s interviews with police, medical exams and testimonies.

Safari Jeff

Safari Jeff

Safari Jeff

Safari Jeff is a world renowned reptile trainer that has been touring Canada and the US for over 25 years. His show's are interactive and fun for the whole family. If you haven't experienced Safari Jeff in action then be sure to check his events to catch the next show near you.

Patrice Whiffen

Patrice Whiffen

Host - Canadian Pet Expo

Commitment, passion and enthusiasm are the driving forces behind Patrice Whiffen's career thus far. As cliche as it may sound, Patrice embodies the motto that if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. Patrice lives and breathes marketing, promotions and event management and has an extensive amount of experience within the sporting and entertainment industries.

Working with the Canadian Pet Expo promoting responsible pet ownership will be second nature to Patrice.

Cindy Cherry

Cindy Cherry

Don Cherry's Pet Rescue Foundation

Cindy inherited her love of animals from her Dad. Mice, hamsters, rabbits,budgie birds, guinea pigs, canaries, fish, and of course, dogs where part of her life. Her most famous pet, Blue the Bull Terrier, is seen on the opening of Coach's Corner chasing the garden hose in Boston, and on the Logo for this Foundation.

Cindys passion for pets and supporting those that are on the frontline of the rescues and clubs she is always there to lend a helping hand.
Shawn Heflick

Shawn Heflick

Python Hunter

Shawn Heflick was one of the three Python Hunters that were live on National Geographic searching the globe for reptiles on the prowl. Fresh into his newest project Croclandia in Costa Rica Shawn is here as director of the Canadian CrocFest and to share some of his "amazingggg" tales from the jungle while being the strong conservationist. 

Dr David Feldman

Dr David Feldman

My Pet's Chiropractor

Welcome to the wonderful world of Animal Chiropractic. I have been fortunate enough to treat many families over the years and watch them flourish from the benefits of Chiropractic care.  Since 1996, I have cared for individuals with a wide range of health problems. As well, in my life, I’ve had many pets including dogs, fish, gerbils, hamsters, birds and rabbits.



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Many more being added, check back regularly

  • 4id LED light up Dog Collar & Leash

    Booth: 154

  • A & A Dragons

    Booth: 200

  • Air Canada Cargo

    Booth: 222

  • Airdale Terrier Club of Canada

    Booth: 280

  • All Paws Rescue

    Booth: 127

  • Alpha Match Inc.

    Booth: 230

  • Angel Pet Supplies

    Booth: 213

  • Ann Rasz Show Photographer

    Booth: 8000

  • Antler Guyz

    Booth: 158

  • Aquarium Services

    Booth: 145

  • Arachnophiliacs

    Booth: 117

  • Aroma Fresh

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  • ARS Caging

    Booth: 438

  • Axolotl Canada

    Booth: 120

  • Azcor Pet Products

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  • Bamboo for Life Canada

    Booth: 244

  • BARC

    Booth: 8004

  • Bee Savvy

    Booth: 105

  • Bell

    Booth: 139

  • Benny Bully's

    Booth: 190

  • Beverly Arseneau Elec only

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  • Big Als Scarborough

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  • Big Country Raw

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  • BiologicVET

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  • Bitten By The Apple

    Booth: 195

  • Bling It On

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  • Bold Raw

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  • Bottleworx

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  • Boxer Rescue

    Booth: 268

  • Boxer Tuff

    Booth: 285

  • BRB Pet Depot

    Booth: 198

  • Canada Raw

    Booth: 273

  • Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs

    Booth: 447

  • Canadian Chinchilla Rescue

    Booth: 265

  • Canadian Coldblood

    Booth: 440

  • Canadian Eskimo Club of North and Western Canada

    Booth: 833

  • Canadian Kennel Club

    Booth: 104

  • Canadian Mastiff Club of Canada Grooming Booth

    Booth: 813

  • Canine Cupcakes and Couture

    Booth: 298

  • Caruana Exotics

    Booth: 414

  • Cat Spot Organic Cat Litter

    Booth: 106

  • Cat Toys by Lori Bury

    Booth: 8005

  • Chauk's Exotics

    Booth: 175

  • Chris Towers Reptiles

    Booth: 403

  • Cloud 9 Cat Trees

    Booth: 109

  • Collective Conservation

    Booth: 183

  • Companion Pet Products

    Booth: 141

  • Cool Coco's Pet Shop

    Booth: 258

  • Couch Potatoe Pets

    Booth: 223

  • Dave Kaufman

    Booth: 192

  • DearMint Pet Supplies

    Booth: 208

  • Designs by Dori

    Booth: 227

  • Diane Ammerman Grooming Booth

    Booth: 817

  • DINO Reptiles

    Booth: 238

  • Doctor Raw

    Booth: 250

  • Don Cherry's Pet Rescue Foundation

    Booth: 232

  • Drypet

    Booth: 113

  • Elderdog Canada

    Booth: 278

  • Escarpment Pet Retreat

    Booth: 228

  • Ethical Parrot Owners

    Booth: 124

  • Everything about animals

    Booth: 275

  • Exotic Wings & Pet Things

    Booth: 121

  • Fashionable Jewels

    Booth: 212

  • Fence in a bag

    Booth: 157

  • Food Court

    Booth: 517

  • foufouBRANDS

    Booth: 256

  • Frostbite Reptiles

    Booth: 408

  • Gecko Meister

    Booth: 402

  • Gemini K9 Obedience Inc

    Booth: 171

  • Global Exotic Pets Inc

    Booth: 166

  • Goliath Inc

    Booth: 181

  • Good Guys Carting

    Booth: 8001

  • Great Jacks

    Booth: 8004

  • Great Pyrenees Club of Canada

    Booth: 832

  • Grooming Area Summerford Newfoundlands

    Booth: 805

  • Grooming Booking

    Booth: 800

  • Grooming Booking Colin Brownlee

    Booth: 804

  • Grooming Booking Edgar Rojas

    Booth: 801

  • Grooming Booth Aister Sutherland

    Booth: 899

  • Grooming Booth Cathie Wood

    Booth: 821

  • Grooming Booth Jennifer Lennon

    Booth: 822

  • Grooming Booth Marcel Bourgon

    Booth: 840

  • Grooming Booth Norm Fargo

    Booth: 806

  • Guillaume G. Reptiles

    Booth: 413

  • Havanese Fanciers of Canada

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  • Head-Lites Pet Products Inc.

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  • Heads 'n Tails

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  • Highland Hounds

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  • Holistic Blend, My Healthy Pet

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  • Hot Diggity Dog

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  • Instachew

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  • Integrated Exotics

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  • Integricare Animal Health

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  • Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada

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  • Iron Will Raw

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  • Jason Sant Statefarm Insurance

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  • Julius K9

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  • Jurassic Reptile Products

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  • Justin Kyvolka

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  • K9 ACRES Pet Resort

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  • Katie Favell Designs

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  • Kims Nature

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  • LifeFORCE Pet Health

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  • Lindsay Leigh Kennels

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  • Lindy Barrow Grooming Booking

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  • Lisa's Lair Bookstore

    Booth: 448

  • Little Res Q

    Booth: 436

  • Lizard King Bearded Dragons & Reptile Supply

    Booth: 151

  • Marine Aquarium Society of Toronto

    Booth: 445

  • Marlene Ness Grooming Booth

    Booth: 819

  • Mask Pythons

    Booth: 136

  • Mega Dog Raw

    Booth: 241

  • meow meow

    Booth: 110

  • MissTaken's Boutique

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  • Mist King

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  • Monarch Reptiles & Exotique Jewelery

    Booth: 168

  • Moringa's Mission

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  • Morph Endorphins

    Booth: 421

  • Mr. Constrictor

    Booth: 424

  • Mutation Creation

    Booth: 270

  • My Canadian Herps

    Booth: 419

  • My Pet's Chiropractor

    Booth: 214

  • Nagy Reptiles

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  • National Service Dog

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  • Naturawls Pet Products

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  • Nature's Purrfect

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  • Neigenuveaux

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  • Northern Embers

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  • Northern Gecko

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  • Not Just Cats

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  • Nutram

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  • Nyoka Ball Pythons

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  • Oh My Pets Resort

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  • Omega Pythons

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  • One For Pets Inc.

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  • Ontario Iguanas

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  • Operation Python

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  • Origami Owl

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  • Original Energy Sales Inc

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  • Paw and Print

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  • Paws En Route

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  • Pet Art by Kat O'Donnell

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  • Peter Williams Reptiles

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  • Petro's Geckos

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  • Piper's Pillows

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  • Pooch & Tabby Pet Accessories

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  • Port Credit Pet Centre

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  • Prehistoric Pet Evolution

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    Booth: 255

  • Rare Exotic Pets

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  • Recorp inc

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  • Ren's Pet Depot

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  • Reptile Concept

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  • Reptile Prime Bedding

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  • ReptilesRuS

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  • Reptilia

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  • Rodent HQ

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  • Royal Edge Enterprises

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  • Ruff Trade Ties

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  • Scales Nature Park

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  • Schapendoes Club of Canada

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  • serpentexotics.com

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  • Simply Pets

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  • Snake Hunter Exotics

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  • SOOS Dead Sea Spa Products for Pets

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  • Sparkle & Barkle Doggie Boutique

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  • Spetacular Supplies

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  • St John Ambulance

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  • Stoverly Aussies

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  • Strictly Scales

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  • Sugar Bears

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  • SweetLegs Kitchener with Lori

    Booth: 240

  • T.Dot Exotics

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  • TagFinderAppInc

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  • Tails and Scales

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  • Talent Hounds

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  • Tangled in Webs

    Booth: 409

  • Tarantula Canada

    Booth: 191

  • The Crump Group

    Booth: 205

  • The Dahliah Connection

    Booth: 289

  • The Guinea Pig Store

    Booth: 274

  • The PLEASE Sign

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  • The Urban Reptile

    Booth: 148

  • Thierry's Rat Breeding Racks

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  • Three Little Pugs Dog Food Com.

    Booth: 276

  • Tibetan Terrier Club of Canada Grooming Booths

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  • TimberLine Live Pet Foods

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  • Together Forever

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  • Understory Enterprises Inc.

    Booth: 204

  • Unison Pet Supplies

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  • Vitalife

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  • Vivarium Reptiles & Exotics

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  • Wheatley Wares

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  • Will Alexander Grooming Booth

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  • Woof & Puss

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  • Worlds Best Cat Litter

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  • Your Pampered Pets

    Booth: 216

  • Zilla

    Booth: 400

  • Zoo Med Laboratories

    Booth: 411


With hundreds of exhibitors, guest appearances, we want you to get the most out of bringing your family pet with you to the Canadian Pet Expo. In promoting responsible pet ownership we have some tips, suggestions and requirements below:

1. Only bring your pet along if it is well-behaved, non-aggressive and doesn't get stressed out in crowded, stimulating and noisy situations. There is a large diversity of animals, small children, wheelchairs and lots of people at the event. Your pet will be exposed to many unusual animal noises, people speaking loudly on microphones, crowds clapping and attendees cheering. You know your pet best, so please use your best judgment to make sure that your pet will enjoy the Canadian Pet Expo just as much as you will and the many other attendees.

2. While we have a number of staff members who are always carefully watching the crowds and pets to ensure everyone stays and plays safe, it only takes a second for an incedent to occur. Please review safe dog (and all pets, for that matter) greeting behaviors with your children before attending the show. Remind your family members to always ask the owner's permission to pet an animal, allow the calm pet to sniff their hands and then they should gently pet the animal's chest, chin or back (not the top of its head), speaking calmly and quietly to the pet. Children should never "stare down" a dog, jump on it, grab it from behind or scream at it. If a dog is hyper and won't sit for the owner, walk away and don't allow your family members to pet the dog. Sometimes even the most well behaved pets can be startled, especially if they are already energized being at such an exciting event.

3. We only have a few rules for bringing pets:

  • Your pet must be current on all age-appropriate shots or you should plan to have your pet's immunizations updated before the event. These immunization requirements only apply to dogs and cats. A rabies tag with the year stamped is acceptable as proof of vaccinations, as are blood titer results for those pet parents who don't immunize annually.
  • Dogs and cats must be on a fixed lead no longer than 6 feet, at all times. Retractable leads are not permitted.
  • No female pets in heat may attend.
  • You'll be required to sign a pet waiver at the entrance, but you can avoid waiting in line by visiting The Canadian Pet Expo website to fill out your pet waiver form in advance.

4. Take note of the pet-potty areas located outdoors. While we do have pet clean-up teams at the event, please bring required items to do so yourself. Just like on a walk at the park, please be kind and pick up after your pet.

5. Pet water stations will be scattered throughout the expo so that your excited companion doesn't get dehydrated. These are communal bowls, so if you have a puppy or elderly pet, please keep it safe and bring a travel or disposable bowl for their use.

6. This is a large event. If you have a pet breed with you that can't tolerate this kind of exertion, please plan to bring a stroller or wagon for them. While the event is indoors and climate controlled, it's a lot of exercise for breeds that don't handle heat or exercise well.

7. Pace yourself! It's a long day and there are many interactive events and displays to see. Make sure you take periodic breaks and give your pet a chance to rest or step out of the expo for a few moments of quiet if you plan to stay all day.

8. Many exhibitors offer some sort of treat or taste tests for pets. If your pet has a sensitive stomach or is super excited, you may want to consider allowing your pet one or two treats and then allowing her/him to enjoy the rest at home. We see a lot of dogs gobble up as many treats as possible only to – ahem – give them back a few hours later.

9. If you have a small or tiny dog, you may want to be prepared to either carry it or have a stroller available. There are so many large and super large dogs at the expos that some small pet owners feel overwhelmed and their little fur-babies may unintentionally get stepped on.

10. The asphalt throughout the parking lot may be extremely hot. It could easily burn your pets' feet if your pet has to walk across it. Please consider putting booties or some sort of protective footwear on your four-legged friend.

11. Please be aware of the local Mississauga By-Laws, and only bring animals that are legal to do so in the city.

12. Any and all reptiles, arachnids, or terrarium dwelling pets must be confined at all times.

13. Please respect the exhibitors' instructions as you approach their booth. They may request that you keep your distance from their animals for safety concerns.

14. If you intend on visiting all parts of the show, make sure you bring a buddy who can care for your pet in the pet-friendly zones. Some areas of the show will be off limits to public pets, due to the nature of the exhibitors in that area.