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About The Show

Hosted by:

Welcome to the Bird Show, hosted by Exotic Wings & Pet Things Inc. and Ethical Parrot Owners.

New for 2022, the Bird Show is offering bird lovers and enthusiasts the chance to showcase their feathery friends and their talents at Ontario’s largest pet event. This exciting feature will bring together bird owners while helping to engage and educate the public on proper pet bird ownership.

How It Works:

  • Owners can register to showcase a bird for public voting.
  • Birds must be set up in their cage by 11am, which is when public voting will open
  • Talent show will begin at 2pm for bird owners who want to present any special talents.
  • Final vote will be collected and announced at 2:30pm

What’s Included?

The CPE offers 2×2 cage (1in x 0.5in bar spacing), perch and water dish for the show.

What’s Not Included?

  • Owners are responsible for bringing toys and cage decorations. Set up is at the owner’s discretion.
  • Owner may bring a padlock for extra security. This is not provided.


Daily winners will receive a $50 gift certificate that can be used at Exotic Wings & Pet Things Inc..

General Rules

  • Owners are encouraged to always stay near their bird
  • Birds must be clipped or in harness
  • All birds are displayed at owner’s risk.
  • Health and safety protocols will be adhered to by CPE
  • Free flight tethering is NOT allowed in the venue or in the talent show
  • Owners can register for one or two days
  • If owner takes home prize on Saturday, they will be automatically disqualified from winnings on Sunday

Disclaimer: The Canadian Pet Expo, Exotic Wings & Pet Things Inc. and Ethical Parrot Owners do not assume responsibility for any health, or risks associated with the transportation to and from, and participation in any CPE event, including the Bird Show. A valid Pet Waiver must be completed and submitted prior to entering any expo.


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